Additional Hiring Information

Re-Hire – This process is used when you are hiring a person who has previously worked for Auburn University in another capacity (Administrative/Professional, Staff, Student, Faculty, etc.).

Note: Two factors will determine the paperwork that is required to be completed:

  • If the person is terminated or active in Banner, or

  • The length of time that has passed since they last worked

If departments are unsure what steps to take regarding a rehire, please contact the TES office at (334) 844-4145 or email

Additional Job/Secondary Job – This process is used when you are hiring a person that already has a current/active TES position with another department.

  • Submit a posting request and hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin.

Note: No additional paperwork will be necessary.

Assignment End Information

Assignment/Job Complete

If the TES employee has completed their assignment/job or has voluntarily resigned the position, you may do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Complete and submit an EPAF to end the assignment/job (TERMJB) or

  2. Send an email to containing the TES employee’s name, Banner number, last day of work, and reason for the assignment/job ending.

Note: It is important to always include the reason for the assignment/job ending.

Assignment/Job Ending Due to Employee Relations Issue

If you would like to end the TES employee’s assignment/job because of an employee relations issue (violation of policy, not able to complete the tasks, etc.) you should first contact the Director of Employment Services to discuss proper steps.

Together, you will determine the next course of action. This is important so the TES unit can properly assess if the TES employee can be placed on future assignments or not.

Last updated: 04/05/2023