Legal Compliance

TES employees must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as Auburn University policies and procedures. Failure to follow the law, the employing department’s and/or the University’s established policies and procedures may result in the ending of the TES assignment, as well as the ineligibility for future TES or regular employment positions with Auburn University.

TES Employment & Benefits

  • TES employment is at-will. TES employees may be terminated by the employing department, at any time with or without notice or cause. 

  • TES employees may terminate their employment at any time with or without notice or cause. 

  • Employment is not guaranteed for any set period.

  • TES employment separation is not grievable nor subject to appeal.

  • TES employees are assigned for a limited duration and do not have the expectation of a long-term, continuing employment relationship.

  • TES employee work hours may vary based on operations and the needs of the employing department. Therefore, they may have a work schedule that is either part-time or full-time.

  • TES employees typically have their positions designated as non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime provisions, would be paid for all hours worked on an hourly basis, and receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek at a rate of time and one-half their hourly rate of pay. In some instances, TES employees, such as credentialed professionals, may be exempt.

  • Federal and state withholding taxes, Social Security, and city occupational tax are withheld from the payment of TES employees.

  • Any TES employee who formerly contributed to the Retirement System of Alabama (RSA) and is not currently in retirement status must contribute to RSA upon date of hire of the TES position.

  • In some instances, TES employees are required to contribute to RSA based on hours worked and length of employment.

  • TES employees are not eligible for certain fringe benefits such as group insurance, annual leave, sick leave, and paid holidays. 

  • In some instances, health benefits are offered in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and jury duty compensation is offered in compliance with Alabama state law.

Timekeeping and Payment

Temporary employees are required to use the electronic timekeeping system known as Kronos by either clocking in or logging in to the website. Their supervisor will instruct them on the use of this system.

TES employees are paid by Direct Deposit. It is the temporary employee's responsibility to activate their email by using the log in information provided during the hiring process. Once they have activated their email, Direct Deposit can then be set up through Self Service Banner. For more information contact the Help Desk at (334) 844-4944.


Temporary employees who park on campus must purchase a University parking permit from Parking Services. As a temporary employee, they are eligible for a B zone permit. Authorization for obtaining parking permits will be issued through TES.

Performance Expectations

  • Satisfactory work performance and a positive attitude toward the job are basic requirements for retaining any assignment. In this regard, a temporary employee is subject to the judgment of the departmental supervisor.

  • As a temporary employee, they are expected to abide by all work rules in their assigned department including attendance, dress code, and appropriate work behavior.

  • Auburn University will not tolerate harassment by its employees. TES employees found to be in violation of the University’s non-harassment policies will be subject to immediate termination.

  • To review the University’s workplace policies, please refer to the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity website. Additional policies which apply to all AU employees can be found in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual in Section 10.

Policy on Temporary Employment Services

Last updated: 02/17/2023