Assignment Length & Limitations

TES employee length of assignment is dependent upon the employing department’s assessment of the need for the position, the work performance in the position, availability of funding, and availability of annual work hours.

Annual Hours Restriction (1,450 Rule)

  • TES employees are limited to working a maximum of 1,450 hours within a 12-consecutive month period.

  • The 1,450 hours can accumulate through one assignment or through multiple assignments. Additionally, the 1,450-hour work limit includes all hours worked during the 12-month period, in any employment type (Example: Regular employee previously, returns to the University within 12 months as TES – all hours would count toward the 1,450, not just those worked as TES).

  • If a TES employee reaches 1,450 hours, the TES assignment must end until after their measurement period restarts.

  • A TES employee working under 30 hours per week should not exceed 1,450 hours within a 12-month period. If a TES employee is working 40 hours per week, they will meet their 1,450 maximum between months 8-9, and if working overtime they will meet the maximum before that time.

How to Track TES Employee Hours

Use this guide to assist in tracking TES Employees hours to ensure the TES Employee is within their allotted hours within the 12 month period.

Last updated: 02/17/2023