Factbook - Academic Programs

Academic Colleges Dates of Establishment and Current Deans

College/School Date of Establishment Dean
College of Agriculture 1872 Paul Patterson
College of Architecture, Design and Construction 1907 Karen L. Rogers
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business 1967 Joe Hanna
College of Education 1915 Jeffrey T. Fairbrother
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering 1872 Steve Taylor
College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment 1984 Janaki Alavalapati
College of Human Sciences 1916 Susan Hubbard
College of Liberal Arts 1986 * Jason Hicks
College of Nursing 1979 Gregg Newschwander
James Harrison College of Pharmacy 1885 Tim Moore
College of Sciences & Mathematics 1986 * Edward Thomas
College of Veterinary Medicine 1907 Calvin Johnson
Graduate School 1872 George T. Flowers

* In 1986, a University reorganization created the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Sciences and Mathematics from the former School of Arts and Sciences (1872), as well as portions of the School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences and the School of Architecture and Fine Arts (both subsequently renamed).

Last updated: 06/28/2022