Factbook - Academic Programs

Major Codes and Titles

SMDISCApplied Math-Discrete
College Major Code Description
AG AGCM Agricultural Communications 
AG AGCO Agricultural Communications**
AG AGEC Agricultural Business & Econ
AG AGSC Agricultural Science
AG ANAI Animal Sciences – Animal and Allied Industries Option
AG ANEQ Animal Sciences-Equine
AG ANMF Animal Sciences-Muscle-Foods**
AG ANMS Animal Sciences – Meat Science Option
AG ANPM Animal Sci-Production/Mngt**
AG ANPV Animal Sciences-Pre-Vet
AG ANSC Animal Sciences
AG APBT Applied Biotechnology
AG APEA Applied Economics (Colleges of Agriculture, Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Liberal Arts)
AG APEC Applied Economics**
AG BATM Biological and Agricultural Technology
AG CSGR Crop, Soil and Environmental Science
AG CSPR Crop, Soil and Environmental Science -  Production Option
AG CSSI Crop and Soil Science*
AG CSSN Crop, Soil and Environmental Science - Science Option
AG CSSW Crop, Soil and Environmental Science - Soil, Water, and Land Use Option
AG CSTU Crop, Soil and Environmental Science - Turfgrass
AG ENTM Plant Sciences-Entomology
AG ENVI Environmental Science
AG ESSA Earth System Science
AG FAAS Fisheries, Aquaculture, & Aquatic Sciences
AG FDSG Food Sci Opt Grad-Poultry Sci
AG FIFA Fisheries, Aquaculture, & Aquatic Sciences –  Fisheries
AG FIMR Fisheries, Aquaculture, & Aquatic Sciences –  Marine Resources Management
AG FIPV Fish & Allied Aquacultures - Pre-Vet
AG FISH Fish & Allied Aquacultures**
AG FSCI Food Science
AG HRTB Horticulture Undergraduate
AG HRTD Horticulture Doctoral Lvl
AG HRTG Public Horticulture*
AG HRTM Horticulture Master's Lvl
AG PLPH Plant Sciences-Plant Pathology
AG PLTD Poultry Science-Doctoral
AG PLTM Poultry Science-Masters
AG POPP Poultry Science-Production
AG POPV Poultry Science-Pre-Vet
AG SWES Soil, Water, and Environmental Science
AG TURF Turfgrass Management
AG UNAG Undeclared-Agriculture
AR ARCH Architecture
AR ARCP Architecture
AR ARIA Interior Architecture
AR BSCC Building Science Construction
AR BSCI Building Science
AR BSCM Construction Management*
AR DBSC Building Construction
AR ENVD Environmental Design
AR ETCM Executive Technical Construction Management*
AR GDES Graphic Design
AR IDSS Industrial Design Studies
AR INDD Industrial Design
AR IPCM Integrated Processes Contruction Management*
AR LAND Landscape Architecture
AR PARC Pre-Architecture
AR PBSC Pre-Building Science
AR PGDE Pre-Graphic Design, Arch
AR PIND Pre-Industrial Design
AR PLND Pre-Environ Design - Landscape
AR RLDV Real Estate Development
BU ACCT Accountancy
BU AVMF Professional Flight**
BU AVMG Aviation Management**
BU BFIN Business, Finance Option
BU BISM Business, Information Systems Opt
BU BMGT Business, Management Opt
BU BMKT Business, Marketing Opt
BU BSAD Business Administration
BU BUAL Business Analytics
BU BUSA Business Administration-GR
BU BUSC Business Administration-Custom
BU BUSI Business
BU BUSP Business Admin-Physician
BU BUSX Business Admin (Executive)
BU CYSM Cyber Security Management
BU ENFB Entrepreneurship and Family Business**
BU FINC Finance
BU FINM Business Admin-Finance
BU HRMM Business Admin, Mngt, Human Resource Management Option
BU HRMN Business Admin-Human Resource Management**
BU IBUS International Business**
BU ISMN Information Systems Management
BU MIS Management Info Systems
BU MKTG Marketing
BU MNGT Management
BU PREB Pre-Business
BU SCMN Supply Chain Management
BU SCMV Supply Chain Management Innovation
ED ADED Adult Ed*
ED ADEG Adult Ed Graduate
ED ADEL Adult Education and English Language Teaching*
ED ADES Adult Ed Specialist
ED AESG Admin of Elem & Secondary Ed
ED AESS Admin Elem & Sec Ed Specialist
ED AGLG Agricultural Leadership Graduate
ED AHEG Admin of Higher Education
ED ASCG Admin of Supervis & Curriculum
ED CAGB Agriscience Ed Undergraduate
ED CAGG Agriscience Ed Graduate
ED CAGS Agriscience Ed Specialist
ED CBIG Biology Ed Graduate
ED CBIS Biology Ed Specialist
ED CBMB Bus & Mktg Ed Undergraduate
ED CBMG Business & Mktg Ed Graduate
ED CBMS Business & Mktg Ed Specialist
ED CCHB Chemistry Ed Undergraduate
ED CCHG Chemistry Ed Graduate
ED CCHS Chemistry Ed Specialist
ED CECB Early Child Ed Undergraduate
ED CECG Early Child Ed Graduate
ED CECS Early Child Ed Specialist
ED CEDG Counselor Education
ED CEEB Elementary Ed Undergraduate
ED CEEG Elementary Ed Graduate
ED CEES Elementary Ed Specialist
ED CEGB Eng Lang Arts Ed Undergraduate
ED CEGG Eng Lang Arts Ed Graduate
ED CEGS Eng Lang Arts Ed Specialist
ED CESG English for Spkrs Other Lang
ED CFRB French Ed Undergraduate
ED CFRG French Ed Graduate
ED CFRS French Ed Specialist
ED CGRB German Education
ED CGTC College/University Teaching*
ED CHYG History Education
ED CHYS History Ed Specialist
ED CMAB Mathematics Ed Undergraduate
ED CMAG Mathematics Ed Graduate
ED CMAS Mathematics Ed Specialist
ED CMCB Music Ed Instru/Voc Undergrad
ED CMHC Clinical Mental Health Counseling
ED CMIG Music Ed Instrumental Graduate
ED CMIS Music Ed Instru Specialist
ED CMUS Community Music*
ED CMVG Music Ed Vocal Graduate
ED CMVS Music Ed Vocal Specialist
ED CNRG Reading Education
ED COPG Counseling Psychology
ED CPHB Physics Ed Undergraduate
ED CPHG Physics Ed Graduate
ED CPHS Physics Ed Specialist
ED CPSG School Counseling
ED CSIB General Science Ed Undergrad
ED CSIG General Science Ed Graduate
ED CSIS General Sci Ed Specialist
ED CSNB Spanish Ed Undergraduate
ED CSNG Spanish Ed Graduate
ED CSNS Spanish Ed Specialist
ED CSTB Gen Social Sci Ed Undergrad
ED CSTG Gen Social Sci Ed Graduate
ED CSTS Gen Social Sci Ed Specialist
ED CTCG Career & Technical Education
ED EAGL Eagles Program
ED EDLR Educational Leadership*
ED EEDU Extension Educator*
ED EPGG Educational Psychology
ED IADV Intervention for Student's with Autism*
ED INEE Inclusive Elementary Education Practices*
ED INLD Instructional Leadership*
ED ITDE Instructional Technology for Distance Education*
ED KESB Exercise Science Undergraduate
ED KESG Exercise Science Graduate
ED KFCB Fitness Conditioning and Performance
ED KMSA Movement and Skills Analysis*
ED KNLG Kinesiology
ED KPAB Physical Activity and Health
ED KPAG Physical Activity and Health Graduate
ED KPEB Physical Ed/Teach Ed Undergrad
ED KPEG Physical Ed/Teach Ed Graduate
ED MSEG Library Media
ED MSES Library Media Ed Speclialist
ED PCAG Pre-Agriscience Education
ED PCBM Pre-Business & Mktg Education
ED PCCH Pre-Chemistry Education
ED PCEC Pre-Early Childhood Educ
ED PCEE Pre-Elementary Education
ED PCEG Pre-English Lang Arts Educ
ED PCFR Pre-French Education
ED PCGR Pre-German Education
ED PCMA Pre-Mathematics Education
ED PCMC Pre-Music Ed Comb Instru/Vocal
ED PCPH Pre-Physics Education
ED PCSI Pre-Science Education, General
ED PCSN Pre-Spanish Education
ED PCST Pre-Social Sci General Educ
ED PGEV Program Evaluation*
ED PKPE Pre-Physical Education
ED PRSC Pre-Special Ed Collab Teacher
ED PRSD Pre-Special Ed Early/Elem P-6
ED RDIN Reading Instruction*
ED RMGT Rehabilitation Leadership Mngt*
ED RSCB Collab Teach Sp Ed Undergrad
ED RSCG Collab Teach Sp Ed Graduate
ED RSCS Education, General
ED RSDB Special Education, Early/Elem P-6
ED RSDG Special Education, Early/Elem P-6, Graduate
ED RSRB Rehabilitation & Disability Studies
ED RRSG Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
ED RSSG Rehabilitation and Special Ed
ED TCED Technology Educator*
ED TESF Teaching Eng Sec/Foreign Lang*
ED TSPC Transition Specialist*
ED UNED Undeclared-Education
EN AERO Aerospace Engineering
EN AMFS Automotive Mfg Systems*
EN BPEN Biosystems Engineering, Bioprocess Option
EN BSEN Biosystems Engineering
EN CHEN Chemical Engineering
EN CIVL Civil Engineering
EN CMPE Computer Engineering
EN COMP Computer Sci & Software Engr
EN CPSC Computer Science
EN CSCI Computer Science
EN CYBE Cybersecurity Engineering
EN DSEN Data Science and Engineering
EN ECEN Ecological Engineering Option
EN ECPE Elec Engineering-Computer**
EN ELEC Electrical Engineering
EN EMMF Engineering Management
EN EMOE Engineering Management
EN EMPI Engineering Management
EN EMSY Engineering Management
EN ESSE Earth System Science
EN FOEN Forest Engineering Option
EN GENG General Engineering
EN INSY Industrial & Systems Eng
EN MATL Materials Engineering
EN MDAN Modeling and Data Analytics
EN MECH Mechanical Engineering
EN OSFE Occupational Safety Ergonomics*
EN PAE Pre-Aerospace Engineering
EN PBPE Pre-Bioprocess-Biosystems Eng
EN PBSE Pre-Biosystems Engineering
EN PCE Pre-Civil Engineering
EN PCHE Pre-Chemical Engineering
EN PCMP Pre-Computer Engineering
EN PCPS Pre-Computer Science
EN PECN Pre-Ecological-Biosystems Eng
EN PECE Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering**
EN PEE Pre-Electrical Engineering
EN PFEN Polymer & Fiber Engineering
EN PFOE Pre-Forest-Biosystems Eng
EN PIE Pre-Industrial Engineering
EN PLEN Polymer & Fiber Eng**
EN PME Pre-Mechanical Engineering
EN PMTL Pre-Materials Engineering
EN PN Pre-Engineering
EN PPRE Pulp and Paper Engineering
EN PSWE Pre-Software Engineering
EN PWNG Power Engineering
EN PWRE Pre-Wire Eng (Hardware option)
EN PWRS Pre-Wire Eng (Software option)
EN SWEN Software Engineering
EN UNEN Undeclared-Engineering
EN WIRE Wireless Eng-Hardware Option
EN WIRS Wireless Eng-Software Option
FW APEF Applied Economics (Colleges of Agriculture, Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Liberal Arts)
FW BIOP Sustainable Biomaterials Packaging
FW ECFY Applied Econ**
FW ESSF Earth System Science
FW FFIN Forest Finance and Investment*
FW FORB Forestry
FW FORG Forestry, Graduate
FW FOWG Natural Resources
FW GSEI Geospatial and Environmental Informatics
FW NATR Natural Resources Management
FW ONEH One Health
FW PFOR Pre-Forestry
FW RECL Restoration Ecology*
FW TRNS Transient
FW UNFW Undeclared Forestry & Wildlife
FW WLDE Wildlife Ecology & Management
FW WLDG Wildlife-Graduate
FW WLEM Wildlife Enterprise Management
FW WLPV Wildlife Sciences Pre-Vet
GS AESL Graduate School, Non-Degree
GS ESLG Graduate School, Non-Degree
GS EXCH Graduate School, Non-Degree
GS IDEA Graduate School, Non-Degree
GS MAP1 Auburn Global MAP1
GS MAP2 Auburn Global MAP2
GS MAP3 Auburn Global MAP3
GS NWAF Graduate School, Non-Degree
GS UNGS Undeclared-Graduate School
HS APDP Apparel Mchd-Prod Des and Mngt
HS APME Apparel Mchd-Apparels
HS BRWS Brewing Sciences*
HS CADS Consumer and Design Sciences
HS CHES Health Equity Science*
HS CULI Hospitality Management - Culinary Science Option
HS EVMT Hospitality Management - Event Management Option
HS GHSR Global Hospitality and Retail*
HS GSHS Global Studies in Human Sciences
HS HCLX Human Development & Family Studies – Pre-Child Life
HS HDED Human Development & Family Studies – Early Child Development
HS HDFC Human Development & Family Studies – Child Life
HS HDFE Hum Dev Fam Stds-Early Chld Ed**
HS HDFS Human Dev & Family Studies
HS HDFT Human Dev/Family Marriage and Family Therapy
HS HDFX Human Development Pre-Early Child Education**
HS HRMG Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant Management Option
HS HRMT Hotel & Restaurant Management**
HS INDS Interior Design
HS INDX Pre-Interior Design
HS NHRM Nutrition - Hotel and Restaurant Mngt Option
HS NSPM Nutrition-Nutrition Science
HS NTDI Nutrition - Dietetics
HS NTDX Pre-Nutrition
HS NTRI Nutrition
HS NTWE Nutrition, Wellness Option
HS PNPS Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies
HS RMDF Advanced Research Methods  for Development and Family Studies*
HS UNHS Undeclared-Human Sciences
IN CMBL Cell & Molecular Biology
IN RSOC Rural Sociology
IN UNIN Undeclared-Interdepartmental
LA AECL Applied Economics Liberal Arts**
LA ANTH Anthropology
LA APEL Applied Economics (Colleges of Agriculture, Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Liberal Arts)
LA ARCS Archival Studies*
LA ARTF Fine Arts
LA ARTH Art History
LA ATLA Art, Lib Arts
LA AUDY Audiology
LA AVMN Aviation Management
LA AVPF Professional Flight
LA CABS Psych Cognitive and Behavioral
LA CMDS Communication Disorders**
LA CMPL Community Planning
LA COMM Communication
LA COMS Communication Studies*
LA CPSY Clinical Psychology
LA EADM Elections Administration*
LA ECNL Economics, Liberal Arts
LA EGLC English-Creative Writing
LA EGLL English-Literature
LA EGLW Professional and Public Writing
LA ENGL English
LA ENGT English Tech/Prof Writing
LA ESSL Earth System Science
LA FLFR French
LA FLFT International Trade - French
LA FLGR German
LA FLGT German-International Trade
LA FLSP Spanish
LA FLST Spanish-International Trade
LA HADM Health Services Administration
LA HIST History
LA IOMS Industrial/Organizational Psychology
LA ISLA International Studies in Liberal Arts
LA JRNL Journalism
LA LAWJ Law and Justice
LA LBRS Liberal Arts Research
LA LDGS Leadership for a Global Society
LA MDIA Media Studies
LA MDIV Media Studies, Visual Media Opt
LA MDST Mediterranean Studies
LA MSLA Music, Liberal Arts
LA MULA Music, Lib Arts
LA NPCG Nonprofit Organizations and Community Governance*
LA NSCI Neuroscience
LA PADM Public Administration & Public Policy
LA PAVF Aviation Professional Flight
LA PCMD Pre Communication Disorders
LA PCOM Pre-Communication
LA PDSC Pre-Interdisciplinary Studies
LA PHDM Pre-Health Svc Admin
LA PHIL Philosophy
LA PJRL Pre-Journalism
LA PLAU Pre-Lib Arts Undeclared
LA PMDA Pre-Media Studies
LA PMDV Pre-Media Studies, Visual Media Opt
LA PMSC Pre-Music, Liberal Arts
LA POLI Political Science
LA PPCR Pre-Public Relations
LA PRCM Public Relations Communication
LA PSWK Pre-Social Work
LA PSYC Psychology
LA PSYO Psychology Org/Industrial
LA PUBA Public Administration
LA PUBH Public History*
LA PUBP Public Admin. & Public Policy**
LA SLHS Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
LA SOCY Sociology
LA SOWO Social Work
LA TCOM Technical Communication*
LA THEA Theatre
LA THLA Theatre - Liberal Arts
LA UNLA Undeclared-Liberal Arts
NU NEDC Nursing-Nursing Education*
NU NEDU Nursing - Nurse Educator
NU NPRC Nursing - Nurse Practitioner
NU NUPC Nurse Prim Care Practitioner**
NU NURS Nursing Science
NU PNUR Pre-Nursing Science
PR AAP Auburn Global Academic
PR CORE Core Curriculum Model
PR DUAL Auburn First, Dual Enrollment
PR EAP Auburn Global Extended
PR ESOL PR, Non-Degree
PR IDSC Interdisciplinary University Studies
PR PATH Path to the Plains
PR RSOP Rural Studio Outreach Prgm
PR TRNG Transient, Global
PY MDCH Medicinal Chemistry 
PY PHAR Pharmacy
PY PYCE Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutics Option
PY PYHO Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Outcomes Research and Policy Option
PY PYPH Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology Option
SM ACTU Applied Math-Actuarial Sci
SM ADST Applied Math-Disc and Stat Sci
SM AMTH Applied Mathematics
SM BCHM Chemistry-Biochemistry
SM BIOL Biological Sciences
SM BIPR Biological Sciences, Pre-Professional Option
SM BMSC Biomedical Sciences
SM CBIO Computational Biology*
SM CHEM Chemistry
SM CHMA Chemistry, BA
SM CONS Organismal Bio, Conservation and Biodiversity Opt
SM DISC Applied Math-Discrete
SM DSSM Data Science and Engineering
SM DSTM Discrete & Statistical Science
SM ECEB Organismal Bio, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior Opt
SM ESSI Earth System Science
SM ESYS Geology, Earth System Science
SM GEOG Geography
SM GEOL Geology
SM GIS Geographic Information Systems
SM GISC Geographic Information Systems Science*
SM IBIO Organismal Bio, Integrative Biology
SM LBSC Laboratory Science
SM MARB Marine Biology
SM MATH Mathematics
SM MCCM Microbial Bio (Cell/Molecular)
SM MCMB Microbial Biology (Microbio)
SM MLSC Medical Laboratory Science
SM PHYS Physics
SM UNSM Undeclared-Sciences & Math
UN EXPL Explore Your Major
UN EXPT Explore Your Major - Internal Transfers
VM VBMS Biomedical Sciences (Vet Med)
VM VMED Veterinary Medicine

* Certificate Only
** Major Code Closing

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