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GlobalConnect Camp: TBA 2023
Open to rising 8th - 12th graders

GlobalConnect camp is designed to expose students from 8th – 12th grades to world perspective, international education, culture, intercultural communication, and current global affairs happenings. The program focuses on selected countries from each of the seven continents with special emphasis on:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Culture
  • Cooking lessons
  • Environmental issues
  • Geography
  • Global affairs
  • History
  • Technology, and related global topics

The goals of the camp are to educate students about global engagement, promote multiculturalism, cross-culture understanding, respect, and tolerance towards foreign population through students’ participation and practical activities.

Five (5) days nonresidential camp.

During the five days, students will:

  • Study various selected countries and how to locate them on a globe map
  • Debunk various myths surrounding some countries
  • Engage in culture awareness activities and projects
  • Learn about the diverse educational structures and opportunities, religion, and related topics
  • Learn basic foreign languages, engage in hands-on arts and crafts work
  • Acquire knowledge on how to prepare for global academic success, and engage in activities aimed at enhancing multicultural understanding, global experiences, leadership skills and inspire collaboration among peers
  • Participate in discussions, debates, and group project work
  • Dr. Elizabeth I. Quansah, Director, AU Outreach Global
  • Past and Current Fulbrighters
  • Other special guests

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Last Updated: June 28, 2022