Human Resources

With appropriate approvals and attestations, faculty members may engage in University activities for extra compensation. Such activity must constitute an employer/employee relationship and does not include payments for teaching loads over the faculty member’s assigned teaching load. The additional activities are not considered consulting or payments for royalties, but rather a bona fide employment opportunity within Auburn University, eligible for compensation. The paying unit will be responsible for all payroll processing with the approval of the faculty member’s home department and dean’s office by completing the UPO-10. Click to download the Extra Compensation for Additional Work Form


DESCRIPTION: The unit identifies non-consulting, non-teaching overload, employment-based work to be done and identifies a qualified person to do the work. Hiring Unit and faculty member negotiate the scope of work, timeline, and compensation for review and approval.

ROLES INVOLVED: Hiring Unit, Faculty Member

CURRENT SYSTEMS: Unit determines

DESCRIPTION: Hiring Unit completes the UPO-10. Concurrently, the faculty member notifies the home department of their intent to engage in additional activities for extra compensation.

ROLES INVOLVED: Hiring unit, Faculty Member, DHC


DESCRIPTION: The completed UPO-10 is routed, in order, to the faculty for attestation and approval, hiring unit, faculty member’s DHC, faculty member’s dean, Provost’s Office.

ROLES INVOLVED: Hiring Unit, Faculty Member , DHC, Faculty’s Dean or designee, Provost or Provost’s designee

CURRENT SYSTEMS: Email or AdobeSign.

DESCRIPTION: When the UPO-10 is approved and returned to the hiring unit, the hiring unit submits an Add Z Job (ADJZJ) EPAF per the terms of the approved UPO-10. Concurrently, the approved UPO-10 is uploaded to AU HR’s Additional Compensation Smart Sheet.

ROLES INVOLVED: HR/financial/administrative assistant

CURRENT SYSTEMS: Banner, SmartSheet

DESCRIPTION: The hiring unit, supervisor, or faculty member enters hours worked for this job into Kronos using the ADL earn code. All Z-jobs are paid on the biweekly payroll.

ROLES INVOLVED: Hiring Unit, Supervisor, Faculty Member


DESCRIPTION: When the work is complete and all hours have been reported/paid, the hiring unit submits a Termination (Job Only)(TERMJB) EPAF.

ROLES INVOLVED: Unit’s HR/financial/administrative assistant


** DHC is Department Head Chair **

Last updated: March 07, 2023