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Request to Fill a Temporary or Part-time Faculty Appointment

Auburn University is an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer and conducts competitive recruitment for positions to identify and attract diverse and qualified candidate pools to ensure that the best qualified talent is being acquired at the University.

Faculty appointments that are full-time for one semester only or part-time do not require a formal search process; however, Provost approval is required before extension of an offer of employment. Full-time faculty appointments for more than one semester and permanent part-time faculty appointments require Provost and AA/EEO approval of the recruitment process (see Faculty Recruitment).

Request for Part-Time Teaching Appointment


For part-time teaching appointments, the Department must submit a Request for Faculty Appointment without Recruitment Authorization Form (PROV200) through the Dean’s Office to the Provost. The PROV200 form is used to approve hiring part-time candidates to teach courses each semester. This form is for new hires or rehires of part-time 9-month or 12-month faculty and Administrative and Professional Employees. All temporary faculty must meet the minimum criteria to teach as established by Auburn University policy. Occasionally, additional documentation may be necessary to establish the appropriate credentials to teach. If additional documentation beyond transcripts is necessary, units must complete the Faculty Qualifications form – in addition to the provided evidence – or review by the Faculty Qualifications Committee. The Faculty Qualifications form and supporting evidence should to clearly describe the relationship between the candidate’s qualifications and the course content and/or expected outcomes of the course(s) assigned to the candidate. All requests for part-time teaching must be reviewed and approved at all levels prior to the start of the teaching activity.

For faculty teaching a graduate-level course (6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, or 9xxx), Graduate Faculty Status must be indicated on the PROV200.

Under no circumstances is a Professional Services Contract (PSC) to be utilized to appoint faculty to teach courses for academic credit.

Units are not required to submit a Request to create a NEW Position or Request to FILL a VACANT Position through the Provost’s Office Position Tracking.

Procedures for New Hires

For New Hires, the candidate’s curriculum vita and official transcripts of all graduate or professional coursework must be attached.

For New Hires without an active employee record, once the PROV200 has been approved by the department, dean, and provost, a Direct Hire Posting is created in PeopleAdmin..

Procedures for Rehires

For Rehires (previous appointment as an instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, visiting assistant professor, visiting associate professor, visiting professor) or Retiree Rehires who have previously been approved to teach and are continuing to teach the same courses, a PZRFAC2 report from Banner should be attached. (See Appendix for instructions to run the PZRFAC2 report.) If a Rehire is scheduled to teach courses not previously approved, the candidate’s curriculum vita and official transcripts of all graduate or professional coursework must be attached.

For Rehires with an active employee record, Once the PROV200 has been approved by the department, dean, and Provost’s Office, an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) may be submitted to AU Human Resources Records. The most common EPAFs are as follows:

  • ADJFAS Add P9 Job (Semi-Monthly): For part-time 9-month faculty appointments for Fall or Spring semesters
  • ADJSUM Add SF Job (Summer Faculty 9 Month): For all 9-month faculty appointments during Summer semester
  • ADJMPT Add PF/PM Job (Part-time Monthly): For part-time 12-month faculty appointments
  • ADJZJ Add Z Job (Additional Job Full-Time Employee): For current Administrative and Professional employees; NOTE: Z-Jobs pay according to the biweekly payroll schedule.

When the EPAF is completed and submitted, the EPAF initiator should email AU Human Resources Records the approved PROV200 and all supporting documents, referencing the EPAF Transaction Number.

An Auburn University Administrative and Professional Employee who meets the minimum criteria to teach as established by Auburn University policy may be authorized to teach a course for academic credit only if no faculty is available. The employee must complete an Administrative/Professional & University Staff Extra Compensation Form (HR-12) clearly noting the academic semester requested, course number, title, credit hours, and section number. The employee’s curriculum vita and official transcripts of all graduate or professional coursework must be attached.

Request a Short-term Visiting Scholar

When inviting an international visitor to Auburn University, colleges and departments should consult with the Office of International Programs to ensure the suitable steps are taken and to make sure the visitor has the appropriate visa type to carry out their objective. The Office of International Programs can be contacted by phone (334-844-5001) or email (

For short-term visiting scholar appointments, the Department must submit the appropriate forms and documents through the applicable offices and then to the Provost's Office.

Offer Letters (see template inventory)

In consultation with General Counsel, the Provost’s Office has created a library of offer letter templates for positions with a term limit or “limited-term positions”. This letter should be utilized and updated with the specific details of the appointment as advertised.

For a visiting or limited-term position, the visiting status and term of appointment must be stated. The letter must state include the statement that this is a non-tenure track appointment.

If the selected candidate is a foreign national, the letter must include a statement that the offer is contingent upon the candidate meeting eligibility requirements for work in the United States by the date the appointment is scheduled to begin.

The department or college is responsible for creating and maintaining each faculty member’s personnel file to include, at a minimum, the faculty member’s signed offer letter and any letters of continuation; official transcripts of all graduate or professional coursework; and Faculty Annual Reviews.

Last updated: March 21, 2023