Human Resources

The instructions below will walk the user through creating a Posting for recruitment in PeopleAdmin.

Getting Started

  1. To log into the PeopleAdmin website, navigate to the AU Access login page at using your web browser or visit
  2. All Auburn University employees have existing PeopleAdmin accounts, with few exceptions. There is no need to request a new account in most cases. Access to functions of the system are granted by the division’s HR Liaison and the Provost’s Office. If additional access to functions of the system is needed, the request should be made through the division’s HR Liaison.
  3. You will sign in with single sign-on by clicking on AUBIE’s face. Please do NOT request a new account. If you have difficulty signing in request an AU password reset.
  4. If you are already signed in to Auburn’s single sign-on, you will automatically enter PeopleAdmin. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your AU credentials.
  5. After logging in, users will be directed to the Welcome Page. Depending on the type of access, users may see different versions of the Welcome Page. Hover over the “user group” in the upper righthand corner and select your user group.

Creating a Faculty Posting

  1. Select Faculty from the Postings Dropdown.
  2. Click +Create New Posting icon on the right side of the page.
  3. You will be asked to choose how to create your posting:
    • Create from Position Type – (Recommended) A new posting is almost completely blank.
    • Create from Posting – A new posting is created by copying all the information from a previous posting. Caution: you MUST go through every step in the posting process to verify that all of the information is correct. Some information may not be editable unless you created the original posting from which the new posting is copied. (Recommended only for “shadow postings” in which more than one candidate is being hired from the original candidate pool.)

Entering Posting Information

  1. Enter the Job Title as approved by the Provost’s Office.
  2. Please select the hiring unit’s Division and Department from the drop down.
  3. Select Z – Do Not Use from the Job Alert Categories
  4. The information in the Applicant Workflow and References sections are set to default into the drop down boxes.
  5. Confirm the Accept Online Applications? Option is CHECKED.
  6. Click the Create New Posting button.

Posting Details

  1. After selecting Create New Posting, the following pages are the Posting Details.
  2. Sections to complete appear on the left side of the screen and are as follows:
    • Posting Details
    • Supplemental Questions ( not applicable for Direct Hires )
    • Applicant Documents ( not applicable for Direct Hires )
    • Internal Documents
    • Guest User ( not applicable for Direct Hires )
    • Reference Requests ( not applicable for Direct Hires )
    • Search Committee ( not applicable for Direct Hires )
    • Ranking Criteria ( not applicable for Direct Hires )
    • Summary
  3. When you first enter this screen, you will be in the “Posting Details” section. There are a number of required fields notated by as asterisk and red outline. The form may not be submitted until these fields are complete.
  4. You can navigate through the sections of the posting using the sidebar menu or the save / save & continue buttons. You can save your changes by selecting the save /save & continue button.

Unit Identification:

Division and Department fields prepopulate from the prior page. Select the applicable Job Location, Department Org Number, and Check Distribution from the drop down menu. Contact your unit's HR Liaison if you do not know which codes apply to your posting.

Position Information:

Job Title prepopulates from the prior page. Complete the required fields.

Departmental Users with Access: Oiph1b, Monique Meadows, Jeremy Jarrell, Mikenna Babbs, and Danny Emmett must always be listed.

Recruitment Type: Direct Hire

Internal Search Only: Check the Box to indicate that this is an Internal Search. A link will be provided for the candidate to complete the application.

Justification for Internal Search Only: indicate that an approved PROV200 , DS-2019, or other applicable document is uploaded in the Internal Documents sections.

Supplemental Questions ( not applicable for Direct Hires )

Applicant Documents ( not applicable for Direct Hires )

Internal Documents

Utilize this section to upload the Approval to Recruit: (Required) upload the approved PROV200, DS-2019 or other immigration documentation, and all corresponding documents

Note: The system converts files to pdf format. It is advisable to view your documents after attaching to make sure they are still legible.

To upload a document, select the Action link to the right of the Document Type and select how you’d like to upload the document:

You have three options for attaching your document(s).

  • (Recommended) Upload New button to locate a document on your computer hard drive, CD, etc. Selecting the Browse button will allow you to browse for a Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Text (.txt) or other formats. Once you have selected the file, you can click on the Submit button to upload your document.
  • You may click on the Create New button to manually type or copy and paste your document into the text box. This can be used when you do not have a document in one of the formats listed above. You may name your document by using the Description box. Once you are finished entering your document, click the Submit button. The system will prompt you to review your document and confirm that you want to attach it. Select the Confirm button to upload your document or the Edit button to add or delete information from your document.
  • You may click on the Choose Existing button to browse for a document that has previously been selected and uploaded. Select the appropriate document and click the Submit button to upload your document.

Once your document is uploaded, you may view or remove your attached document by clicking on the Actions link next to the document. Select the Show link to view your document. To remove an attached document, click on the Unassign link then select OK. You may only unassign if you were the one who attached them.

When you have finished adding documents for this posting, click save / save & continue buttons.

Guest User (Not Applicable for Direct Hires) Reference Requests (Not Applicable for Direct Hires)

Search Committee (Not Applicable for Direct Hires)

Ranking Criteria (Not Applicable for Direct Hires)


After completing the posting or by clicking on Summary the system will take you to a summary page where you can move the posting through the approval process. Utilize this section to review all the information submitted for this posting. If changes need to be made select the Pencil Icon (representing Edit Posting Details) and you will be taken back to that section in the posting.

When the posting is ready to be sent to the next approval level, place your cursor over the Take Action On Posting button at the top right side of the page. Based on your security level, options will appear.

The recommended workflow is as follows: Hiring Manager > Dept Head or HR Liaison > HR Liaison or Dept Head > Dean or HR Liaison > Provost > Affirmative Action > Approved to Internal

To transition the posting to the next reviewer, select the appropriate user role from the drop down list. When the confirmation box appears, add any necessary Comments (Optional) and click Submit.

If you have not answered a required question in the posting an error message will appear at the top of your screen.

Select the Pencil Icon (representing Edit Posting Details) and you will be taken back to the posting.

When this process is complete, go to the summary page to submit the posting to the next level for approval as described above.

When the Direct Hire Posting is approved and the workflow status is updated to Approve for Internal, the Hiring Manager or HR Liaison sends the candidate a link to apply.

When the candidate has completed and submitted the application, the Hiring Manager/HR Liaison submits Direct Hire Hiring Proposal.

Last updated: March 21, 2023