Human Resources

Getting Started

  1. To log into the PeopleAdmin website, navigate to the AU Access login page at using your web browser or visit
  2. All Auburn University employees have existing PeopleAdmin accounts, with few exceptions. There is no need to request a new account in most cases. Access to functions of the system are granted by the division’s HR Liaison and the Provost’s Office. If additional access to functions of the system is needed, the request should be made through the division’s HR Liaison.
  3. You will sign in with single sign-on by clicking on AUBIE’s face. Please do NOT request a new account. If you have difficulty signing in request an AU password reset.
  4. If you are already signed in to Auburn’s single sign-on, you will automatically enter PeopleAdmin. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your AU credentials.
  5. After logging in, users will be directed to the Welcome Page. Depending on the type of access, users may see different versions of the Welcome Page. Hover over the “user group” in the upper righthand corner and select your user group.
  6. Select Faculty from the Postings Dropdown.

Reviewing Applications (Search Committee Members)

From the list of postings, you can click on the title of the posting you want to view or you can use the Search bar to search for the posting you want to view.

Select the Applicants tab.

Select the name of the candidate you want to view. The application will contain the candidate’s employment history, education, reference contact information and any documents uploaded by the candidate for the committee’s review. At the bottom of the application, there is a feature that will combine the application and uploaded documents into on PDF document. To view, select Generate to the right of Combined Document.

To view individual documents uploaded by the candidate, click the link to the type of document from the list of candidates in the Applicants tab.

Search committee members should not take any Actions on any candidates.

The search committee will notify the Hiring Manager or HR Liaison of candidates whose references the committee would like to request. The Hiring Manager or HR Liaison will take action on those candidates to Request References. Letters of recommendation will be submitted by the referee directly to the candidate’s application for review by the search committee.

The search committee will communicate to the Hiring Manager or HR Liaison the category and reason for non- selection/selection for each candidate. The reason for non - selection/selection must be specific. Reasons such as “not a good fit”, “not a good match” will not be accepted.

Applications Workflow Status (Hiring Manager or HR Liaison Only)

The hiring unit is responsible for updating the workflow status of all applications with reasons for selection or non-selection. Upon recommendation of the search committee, the Hiring Manager or HR Liaison will indicate the appropriate workflow status of each candidate. The default is Under Review by Search Committee.

The update the workflow status, check the box to the left of the candidate(s) you would like to update and hover over the Actions button on the right. Choose Move in Workflow.

Select the appropriate status on the next page. Some workflow statuses require you to input the reason for selecting this status. Type the reason into the text box. The reason must be directly related to advertised criteria and must be specific--no terminal degree, degree in wrong discipline, documents not provided, etc. Reasons which simply restate the definition of the category—Not As Qualified As Those Interviewed- are not acceptable.

Workflow Status

Not As Qualified As Those Interviewed: Search Committee must provide the reason why this candidate was not as qualified as the candidates interviewed.

Did Not Meet [Minimum Qualifications]/Incomplete/Too Late: Search Committee must say what qualification or document was missing; Search Committee must document that the materials were received after a certain deadline.

Move to System [Determined] Does Not Meet Minimum Qualifications: System Generated Status based on the candidate’s response to Supplemental Questions.

Interviewed Not Selected: Search Committee must provide the reason why this candidate was not recommended for hire after interviews.

Request Reference: Workflow status that will automatically request letters of recommendation from references.

Move to References Received: Workflow status that is automatically updated when the maximum and minimum letters of recommendation have been received.

Move to Withdrawn: Search Committee should provide the reason for the candidate’s withdrawal, if known.

Move to Pending Another Search: Workflow status for candidates that are under consideration for another search or where multiple candidates will be hired from one posting.

Move to Recommended for Hire: Search Committee must provide the reason why this candidate is recommended for hire over all other candidates.

Move to Hired: Provost’s Office will mark this workflow status once a Hiring Proposal is Complete.

Move to Draft: Draft: Hiring Proposal has not been submitted for review or approval.

Last updated: March 06, 2023