Human Resources

Beginning Spring 2024, any new Instructor of Record whose relevant degree* was awarded from an institution outside the United States must have the degree authenticated by SpanTran or an approved member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

1 : Instructor of Record is Identified

DESCRIPTION: The unit will send instructions to the new Instructor of Record to submit their relevant degree to SpanTran for authentication. SpanTran provides, and the unit may require, additional services such as translation to English and course-by-course articulation.

ROLES INVOLVED: Departmental personnel, Faculty Member or “Instructor of Record”

CURRENT SYSTEMS: Email, Internet

DESCRIPTION: Instructor of Record submits their relevant degree to SpanTran’s Auburn University portal for authentication. The Instructor will request from SpanTran any additional requirements as instructed by the department.

ROLES INVOLVED: DHC of home and secondary department; Faculty member


DESCRIPTION: When the authentication is complete, the Instructor of Record will send the documentation from SpanTran to the unit.

ROLES INVOLVED: Departmental personnel, Faculty Member or “Instructor of Record”


DESCRIPTION: The unit will retain the authentication and official transcripts of the relevant degree. The unit will complete the hiring process for new or re-hired Instructors of Record (see Recruitment) or any payroll forms for existing employees who are new Instructors of Record (see procedures for Appointment Without Recruitment).

ROLES INVOLVED: Departmental Personnel

CURRENT SYSTEMS: Unit to determine

*Relevant degree is the educational record provided by the candidate to meet Auburn University’s Policy on Documentation of Minimum Teaching Qualifications for Instructor of Record, typically a graduate diploma or transcript showing completion of a minimum number of graduate credit hours in the teaching discipline.

** DHC is Department Head Chair **

Last updated: March 11, 2024