Common Data Set

Summary of Significant Changes: 2005-2006

The items listed below are shaded in yellow throughout the sections.

Changed Items

  • A1: New address requested (if relevant)
  • C2: Wait list question
  • C7: Several new categories added; some wording changes
  • C8: Significant changes to test requirement question
  • C11: New GPA bands
  • C13: Fee information for on-line applications
  • C17: Housing deposit item added
  • C22: Early action “restrictive” added
  • G6: per credit hour clarified (tuition only)
  • H7 and H8: Forms updated; H8 moved up to follow H6 (to keep international info together)
  • Section J: every CIP heading now has a row

Permanently Deleted or Temporarily Discontinued Items

  • E4-E8 The "Library Collections" section has been removed until a new Academic Libraries Survey is in the field.
Last updated: 12/10/2021