Common Data Set

Summary of Significant Changes: 2006-2007

The items listed below are shaded in yellow throughout the sections.

Changed Items

  • C8a: Removed the “SAT and SAT Subject Tests required” option as colleges with that policy can simply check off “SAT required” and “SAT Subject Tests” required.
  • C8c: Reworded - C. Please indicate how your institution will use the SAT or ACT essay component; check all that apply.
  • C8c: Added a check box for "Not using essay component"
  • C9: Added - Do not to convert SAT scores to ACT scores and vice versa.
  • C9: Added – SAT Writing; SAT Essay; ACT Writing; SAT Verbal reworded to SAT Critical Reading
  • C9: Added column for SAT Writing
  • E1: Rewording - Cooperative (work study) program reworded to “cooperative education program”. Definition, page 30, uses new term.
  • F1: New instruction: for students from out of state, exclude international students from the numerator and denominator.
  • H2a: Deleted the qualifier “not external” from the instruction
  • H: Financial Aid Definitions changes:
    • Institutional scholarships and grants
    • External scholarships and grants
  • H1: Definition clarified to read: Institutional: Endowed scholarships, annual gifts and tuition funded grants, awarded by the college, excluding athletic aid and tuition waivers (which are reported below).
  • H4 and H5: Revised to capture indebtedness through alternative loans separately. 
  • I1: Clarifies that the full time instructional faculty definitions are from AAUP, but the part time definitions are not from AAUP.

Permanently Deleted or Temporarily Discontinued Items

  • C20: Common Application Question – removed.
  • E4-E8 The "Library Collections" section has been removed until a new Academic Libraries Survey is in the field.
Last updated: 12/10/2021